Next Generation Business Intelligence

Analytics capabilities to derive better business outcomes

Make better, smarter business decisions more quickly and confidently with solutions designed to derive business value across your entire organization. Business intelligence solutions include self-service capabilities to provide agility for the business with an enterprise platform approach, available on premises or on cloud, to help clients accelerate growth and success.

A range of analytic capabilities are designed to integrate with one another and with third-party solutions, so you can address your most pressing business intelligence (BI) needs with the confidence that you can seamlessly grow your solution over time to meet future requirements.

Information Management:

Correctly interpreted information and data enables an organization to effectively manage its business. This would lead to identification and better interaction with clients, gauging risks and making strategic, financial, managerial and operational decisions.

Sageable is a global network with deep industry skills, experience and knowledge in information management process, strategies and technologies. We ensure to deliver a true value and one stop shop for information management needs that an organization has. We specialize in Data management, full-service business intelligence and enterprise performance management. Our consultants bring deep industry knowledge and experience which enables us to serve our clients' needs and offer the right solution. Sageable has successfully executed project related to information management to various entities ranging the governmental entities, Investment management firms, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, telecom and etc. We provide industry-specific offerings to our clients based on our experience and industry focused best practices. We have custom developed analytics which could be deployed easily and provide a quick ROI.

Sageable offering :

  • Business Intelligence
  • Interactive Dashboards and Visualization
  • Pre-build analytics based on industry and requirements
  • Data Warehousing

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